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The World of Comics

The death of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee in November had a large effect on the comics industry. The characters he and others created and the stories they crafted have deep meaning with many readers around the world. “Growing up, my dad did twenty-five years in prison, so that’s how we would communicate, he would send me comics,” said North Oakland resident and comic reader Hector Navarro. Navarro and others are an example of how comic books can be used as a way to connect with others, whether they are friends or family members. Continue reading The World of Comics

Mental Illness in The Black Community

For some, the daily experience of life isn’t exactly grand. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that roughly one-fifth of people in the United States experience some kind of mental illness annually. Add in the stress of class disparities and racial tensions and things can seem pretty bleak for people of color. According to the NIMH, black Americans in particular are about twenty percent more likely to be affected by some sort of mental illness compared to other ethnicities. Continue reading Mental Illness in The Black Community