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Ten Seasons of Latino Pride

A gray fly with bulging eyes buzzes closer. It flits around before settling onto a metal grid for a brief moment. A sizzling sound grows, before crackling loudly, as the fly is brutally electrocuted  before everyone’s eyes on the electric fly trap. The fly seizes, then drops out of frame.

In the room, there is a chorus of slightly horrified gasps, then silence.

The silence is soon burst by giggles in the dark as a boy onscreen professes his love for his best friend’s mother. He and his best friend wrestle angrily in the mud, just before the credits roll.

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Life on Four Wheels

Lake Merced Boulevard is abuzz as cars, buses, and recreational vehicles rush by, honking and screeching. Down the side street of Winston Drive, there is a long line of vehicles parked inches from the passing traffic. One of them, a faded orange Bounder RV, stands tall enough that the blustery wind rattles tree branches against the roof. A sliver of sunlight streams behind the camper, the blue of Lake Merced peeking out just behind the rear corner. Continue reading Life on Four Wheels