Beyond the Story

Beyond the Story with Jacob Tucker

Episode 4: Ameila Williams 

We all know what’s funny when we hear something funny, but defining what exactly makes something funny is a bit more difficult. Can humor be learned? Or is it just something your born with? Amelia Williams investigated this question in her a piece published for Xpress.

While some, like those in the San Francisco Comedy College think humor is learnable, others think it is an innate skill. In this episode of Beyond the Story, Amelia helps guide us through the question of whether or not we can learn to be funny.


Episode 3: Greg Ragaza 

The average college student has a lot to deal with. Learning how to balance classes, work and a social life all while learning how to properly take care of oneself is a daunting task. As we enter the middle of the semester and it seems like our professors are conspiring to break us down with assignments (why are all my biggest projects due on the same day??), you may feel that you need to take a second to reflect on how you and your fellow students are taking care of yourselves. Fortunately, Greg Ragaza is here on Beyond the Story to provide you with an enlightening conversation on self-care, and how men sometimes neglect their mental health.


Episode 2:  Megan Jimenez

If you’re a student at SFSU, you’ve probably noticed the lines of RV’s parked along Lake Merced Boulevard near the gym and freshman dorms. Maybe you’ve wondered about the people inside; are they students? Bohemian travelers? Are they homeless? Well, luckily for you, Megan Jimenez is here on Beyond the Story to answer those questions and more.


Episode 1: Jeremy Julian

For the first episode of Beyond the Story, Jeremy Julian and I discuss his Xpress Magazine article on esports: the competitive gaming format that has grown tremendously in the last few years. What differentiates esports from other sports, and how does that present it with unique challenges? Find out in this pilot episode!