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Ruthless and Toothless

When you were young and green and didn’t yet earn an allowance or have a cellphone, losing your teeth was a rite of passage and fiscal gain. It could be bloody, and painful and weird—or worse, swallowed—but holding up a little piece of yourself that would somehow transform into a five dollar bill was an American kid’s first taste of capitalism. Grinning ear to ear with a gap to stick your tongue through was the first taste of cool. Unfortunately, the novelty wears off once all the big girl teeth come in. Continue reading Ruthless and Toothless

My OCD Brain

Psychiatrist offices don’t always have long, bed-like couches, sometimes there are chairs, and sometimes those chairs have armrests and wheels. Sometimes they’re upholstered and other times they are not. Sometimes the chairs are soft and swallow you up, others have rigid backs, force you to sit up straight, send a pain up your spine reminding you that you’re alive and that your posture is poor. But what always seems to be present, and always within arm’s reach, is a fresh box of tissues, ready to sponge up the ooze that’s soon to come spilling out of your eyes and your nose. Continue reading My OCD Brain

Mental Illness in The Black Community

For some, the daily experience of life isn’t exactly grand. The National Institute of Mental Health estimates that roughly one-fifth of people in the United States experience some kind of mental illness annually. Add in the stress of class disparities and racial tensions and things can seem pretty bleak for people of color. According to the NIMH, black Americans in particular are about twenty percent more likely to be affected by some sort of mental illness compared to other ethnicities. Continue reading Mental Illness in The Black Community

Living with Dyslexia

Contrary to popular belief, dyslexia is not a disability that affects people only in their youth. Dyslexia, a cognitive disability, remains with people all their lives. The brain ages and changes just like the rest of our bodies, therefore the disability also morphs and develops with time. Dyslexia occurs in at least one in ten people. It is estimated 700 million children and adults worldwide have this disability, but only twenty percent know they do. Because this disability had little to no actual awareness until 1993 when it was finally recognized as a disability, so many people still remain undiagnosed to this day. Continue reading Living with Dyslexia

Finding Purpose

Tara Jean Robinson has been heavily affected by suicide. She has lost multiple friends and family members and herself attempted to take her own life. Today, Tara has found purpose in helping others walk out of the darkness. Xpress magazine explores Tara’s story in this video production by Jacob Tucker and Nicki Newman.

If you or someone you know is contemplating suicide, please call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255

Highs and Lows: The Hidden Cost of the Wreckreational Cannabis Industry

It’s the wild, wild West all over again! As cannabis consumption soars to new highs thanks to the effects of Proposition 64, and SF adds new businesses, events, and services for its stoners every year, what does recreational cannabis look like for its industry insiders, and everyone that was subsequently pushed out? The truth is a bit of a downer. Continue reading Highs and Lows: The Hidden Cost of the Wreckreational Cannabis Industry