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The World of Comics

The death of Marvel Comics legend Stan Lee in November had a large effect on the comics industry. The characters he and others created and the stories they crafted have deep meaning with many readers around the world. “Growing up, my dad did twenty-five years in prison, so that’s how we would communicate, he would send me comics,” said North Oakland resident and comic reader Hector Navarro. Navarro and others are an example of how comic books can be used as a way to connect with others, whether they are friends or family members. Continue reading The World of Comics

Ruthless and Toothless

When you were young and green and didn’t yet earn an allowance or have a cellphone, losing your teeth was a rite of passage and fiscal gain. It could be bloody, and painful and weird—or worse, swallowed—but holding up a little piece of yourself that would somehow transform into a five dollar bill was an American kid’s first taste of capitalism. Grinning ear to ear with a gap to stick your tongue through was the first taste of cool. Unfortunately, the novelty wears off once all the big girl teeth come in. Continue reading Ruthless and Toothless

My OCD Brain

Psychiatrist offices don’t always have long, bed-like couches, sometimes there are chairs, and sometimes those chairs have armrests and wheels. Sometimes they’re upholstered and other times they are not. Sometimes the chairs are soft and swallow you up, others have rigid backs, force you to sit up straight, send a pain up your spine reminding you that you’re alive and that your posture is poor. But what always seems to be present, and always within arm’s reach, is a fresh box of tissues, ready to sponge up the ooze that’s soon to come spilling out of your eyes and your nose. Continue reading My OCD Brain