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Dating Digitally: Date Smarter in the Age of Technology

Jason Emerson and Alex Dusay get distracted by their phones while on a date in Golden Gate Park.

Written by Sage Kemmerly
Photos by Henry Nguyen

“Where’s your head at?” asks Bay Area advice columnist Deborrah Cooper. There are some people who text their friends while on a first date, or are painstakingly perfect on online dating profiles to get more hits. Where is the authenticity? Just because the Internet makes connections easier does not mean it is an easier dating game. It is silly seeing a couple on a date, both bent over their smartphones like there is a pane of glass between them. If the date is going nowhere, they might as well stay home and Skype.

Profiles can be polished within an inch of perfection. A computer screen highlights only positive personality traits, while at the same time hides undesirable attributes. It just goes to show people are not as perfect as they make their profiles out to be, so there is no use in faking it.

“Hiding parts of who you are and emphasizing things that aren’t quite true, embellishing; those kinds of things show total lack of authenticity,” says Cooper. “Just be who you are! Let somebody like you or not like you for who you really are and that way you know the relationship is real.”
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For the Love of the Game

Written by Sage Kemmerly

The trumpets announce the start of the races as people file through the turnstiles into the massive stadium. Lines gather at the betting windows as young and old alike fidget with their money, eager to place their first bet and win. Matt Lagerstrom checks his program booklet, glances at the television monitor above, scribbles some quick notes on a small piece of paper, and hands his money to the teller.

“I’m betting three bones on ‘Fist Pump’ and ‘Stormy Kentucky,’ the two and the four horse,” says Lagerstrom, 29. “Quinella bet, so those horses need to come in first and second in any order.”

Lagerstrom, an Emeryville resident, goes to the Golden Gate Fields horse track in North Berkeley every Sunday and sometimes during the week if he has the day off. He doesn’t always tell his girlfriend he’s going.

“It’s my church on Sunday,” he says. “This is where I come to pray.”

Coincidentally, it’s a popular Sunday event. Sunday is Dollar Day, the one day when the entrance fee, beers, and hot dogs are all one dollar. After he fetches another beer, Lagerstrom begins to plan his bet for the next race. With nine races that day, he’s hoping to win all of them or, at the very least, win enough to get a couple more beers. He’s already won the first race.
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Holistic Healing

Barbie Levasseur, bottom right, teaches yoga to students at the Yoga Tree in the Mission District on March 1. Photo by: Mihail Matikov

Written by Sage Kemmerley


Life can be overwhelmingly stressful. Especially in a busy city, things can happen. Traffic, spaced-out people, sometimes everything is in the way and there’s nothing to do about it. Or is there?

Ever wonder how monks really are so calm, no matter what? That calmness is attainable too, and it’s easier than one would think. Meditation and yoga focus on breathing as a way of staying in the moment. Concentrating on breathing, allows the mind to be present and not distracted by the past or the future. Acupuncture can help relieve physical and emotional symptoms and balance the body to further encourage positive health choices.

Eastern holistic practices like yoga, meditation, and acupuncture have been used as effective therapies for centuries – for everything from joint pain to depression. Holistic practices focus on how the many components of a hectic lifestyle can add up and result in stress – holistic practitioners address these issues as a whole.

Adam Burke, director of the Institute for Holistic Health Studies at San Francisco State University, says that through student surveys, he has found the majority of SFSU pupils find themselves suffering from anxiety and depression at some point during his or her time here.

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