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Prepping for the Polls

Words: Kelly Leslie

It’s the first Tuesday in November. Along with hundreds of fellow students, you make your way to the polling place to cast your vote before class. After months of listening to fervent political speeches and heated debates given by the country’s leading politicians, you know without hesitation which boxes you are going to check on the 2012 election ballot.

Slowly approaching the front of the line, it’s the moment every young adult anticipates at one point or another after their eighteenth birthday.You’re finally of the legal age to exercise the right to vote in an election that only happens once every four years. Handing your student ID card to the volunteer who is checking eager young voters in to cast their ballots, you’re sure nothing can stand between you and your political opinions now. Much to your surprise, you’re turned away. Somehow, you have been branded ineligible to vote.

“It’s my legal right as a United States citizen,” says Graham Woolsey, a first-year transfer student confident voting is a privilege that cannot be revoked. “I’m registered to vote so I should have no problems.”

This year voting may not be as easy as Woolsey say it is. Republican politicians have systematically been making it more difficult for certain populations (i.e., liberal-leaning folks) to vote. Thousands of students from across the country are at risk of being turned away from the polls because they do not possess proper government issued photo identification. Continue reading Prepping for the Polls

Red, White, and Pink: Barbie for President

Barbie give a speech about saving the ocean, ‘one fish at a time.’ Photo by Virginia Tieman.

Words: Molly Sanchez
Photos: Virginia Tieman

The message of hope is so last election-the newest presidential candidate is running on a campaign of dreams. Though the 2008 presidential race showed Americans that it wasn’t irregular for a woman to run for office, being a woman is not what makes this candidate stand out. She wouldn’t be the first president to be an actor. She would, however, be the first president to be a doctor, a pop star, and a mermaid. She’s served in four out of the five branches of the military and is pretty handy with a rapier as evidenced by her turn as a musketeer. She has mild religious affiliations if her Christmas caroling gown is any indication. Even though she’s unmarried, she’s in a committed relationship and can stand proudly on her own two feet. She’s also 11 inches tall and made entirely of consumer-grade plastic.

Don’t let her stature fool you: this little woman represents the dreams of girls who don’t want to pursue so-called “feminine” careers. On April 5th, 2012, Barbie’s press secretaries (or rather, Mattel representatives) announced her run for the White House. Though it is not the doll’s first “glam-paign” (she also ran in 2008), it will be the first time she has ever been able to stand erect and watch it for herself. Weighted pink platforms allow the doll, who has spent her 53 years being supported by doll stands, to finally support herself.

“I Can Be…President B Party Doll,” who comes in a variety of skin tones and ethnicities, is a definite departure from Barbie’s predecessors. No longer is she solely a white, flaxen-haired homemaker. Now she represents a multitude of races and professions like astronaut, yoga instructor, veterinarian and computer programmer. Continue reading Red, White, and Pink: Barbie for President