Having an Oscars party? Here’s a ballot to follow along!


Does the smell of popcorn and the aura of pretentious film snobs encase the air around you? If so, it’s probably because it’s Oscars season, and in fact, the big awards show is this Sunday night.

While winner-prediction posts are tired and overdone, with the same films being picked time and time again, in its place we at Xpress Magazine have created a free, printable Oscar Ballot for your big Oscar parties (try not to spill any drinks or dip on it!). Whether you’re rooting for Birdman or The Grand Budapest Hotel, or really hoping that the animated short The Dam Keeper beats out Feast (as I am hoping for), this ballot is great for everyone to follow along and keep score of their picks for those shiny gold trophies. And you get bragging rights for having the highest score, a win-win situation, basically.

Enjoy! And happy predicting!

Oscar Ballot PDF (via DropBox)