Food Passport: exploring Bay Area cuisines


Graphic created by Caty McCarthy

Ask my friends what my reaction to food is, and they’ll usually imitate me playing with my hair and saying “you know what sounds really good right now?” I get excited about grocery shopping, and I spend my time and energy on Yelp searching for new restaurants to try. I also have this problem of watching the Food Network while eating dinner. Oh, and I’m that girl, the one who Instagrams what she’s eating.

Hi, hello, I’m Catherine Uy, a 22-year-old journalism student with a passion for food. I’m just a small-town girl lookin’ for the meal of her life. For the next few months, I’ll be exploring all the diverse foods that the Bay Area has to offer. I’ll be writing features and reviews on a different cuisine every other week.

Food Passport is a column dedicated to celebrating food. I’ll be writing restaurant reviews every now and then, but it’s not about the stories of me eating. Every restaurant and meal has a story. My goal is to share with you the story behind what and where eat.