Instagram introduces new app


Collage making just got a lot easier. Photo by Tami Benedict/ Xpress Magazine.

Instagram is at it again, slowly trying to become the best photo app ever and destroying the competition while they’re at it. Today Instagram released a new app called Layout which makes it easier for you to create a photo collage but includes much more than that.

Layout also allows you to mirror images, lets you choose up to 9 images to create a collage, and allows you easily resize the image of your choice. You can flip and reverse your photos with a push of a button or use a slider to make one picture smaller, while the other gets bigger.


To make your life even easier, when choosing your photos Layout puts them into ten different collage options, so no need to go around and push buttons to see what collage you like, Layout has already done that for you.

This isn’t the first time that Instagram had tried to take the photo game over either, their first side app that they released, Hyperlapse, did pretty well in the beginning but now it’s just kind of there.

Personally, I think Layout is genus. Not only is it super easy to use, like so easy my Grandma can use it, the creative options they give you are fun to play with and create custom made images of your own. I am a big fan of the mirror image feature and the cropping with just a swipe of a figure, because I am phone challenged and always mess up cropping. What I also like, and I tested my theory, is an image that is too big for Instagram, fits with ease using Layout. That means no more InstaFit Free and those annoying ads that go with them, with Layout it makes it easy for Instagram users can see your hair and the shirt you are wearing.

The reviews from the App Store are also pretty positive, Instagram users are happy with the app and how easy and simple it is to use. Negative comments include not being able to save to your phone and not being able use a photo you’ve taken with the Instagram app, but all minor issues that Instagram is sure to fix.

Layout allows you to choose up to 9 photos, adding them into a collage for you. Photo by Tami Benedict/ Xpress Magazine.
Layout allows you to choose up to 9 photos, adding them into a collage for you. Photo by Tami Benedict/ Xpress Magazine.

Now if Instagram can create an app that allows more space on my phone, that would be great.