Beats n’ Stuff #14: tour de beats n’ stuff (the end!)


Illustration by Caty McCarthy

We’re at the end! The end of the semester, the end of my time at Xpress, and the end of Beats n’ Stuff… the real end this time, I swear.

Throughout this column I’ve written about everything that fills up my iTunes with joy, from J-Pop, video game music, J-Rock, K-Pop, K-Indie, hip-hop, to Taking Back Sunday’s Tell All Your Friends. I’ve covered it all, baby.

Rather than doing another 5-song playlist complete with descriptions, I decided to go a lighter route for my final column, themed as a sort of walk-down-memory-lane. The playlist is longer than the usual – 13 songs – but there won’t be any track-by-track analysis. Why not? Some of these artists I’ve already covered in the past, and others are so similar to others that I have featured, that it would probably be repetitive. So in lieu of a track-by-track analysis, enjoy the playlist on your own terms, without me throwing words at you. Maybe you’ll walk away, or rather open a new tab, Googling to discover more about Japanese idol pop group Negicco, or maybe you won’t and you’ll just be happy to be rid of my J-Pop-pushing ways after today. Regardless, this playlist is for you guys; this is Beats n’ Stuff #14: “tour de beats n’ stuff.”

Thanks so much for reading and listening over these past eight months (wow, it’s really been that long since the first one?), and I hope that I at least introduced you to some new artists, or made you re-fall in love with ones you already loved.

Anyways, that’s it. I’m out. See you space cowboy. In the words of the great Aubrey Graham: I’m leavin’, I’m leavin’, I’m leavin’, I’m gone.

13.) “Car Carpet City” by Chroma-Kei

12.) “Cat Cafe” by Yoshi & Komono

11.) “iPhone Bubbling” by Qrion

10.) “Gotta Be You” by 2NE1

9.) “Crazy” by 4MINUTE

8.) “Fergsomnia (feat. Twista)” by A$AP Ferg

7.) “Picture This” by Kero Kero Bonito

6.) “Triple! WONDERLAND” by Negicco

5.) “Butter Sugar Cream (feat. tsvaci)” by Tomggg

4.) “reunion (PARKGOLF Remix)” by Izumi Pillow

3.) “Fog” by Daoko

2.) “Wrong (Produced by Ryan Hemsworth)” by Tinashe

1.) “Get Loose With Me” by I LOVE MAKONNEN