Secluded swimming around the Bay Area


With spring break around the corner and summer in the near-enough future, here are a few places that are a little more secluded than local beaches and typical touristic destinations waterfronts like Baker Beach, Ocean Beach, and Thornton beach near the SF State Campus. These lakes, swimming holes and secret beaches are lesser known than other go-to landmark beaches, making these places more suitable for the second summer of social distancing.

This list has options for people of all levels of ambitiousness, ranging from a stroll in the park, to a steep uphill hike. There are also opportunities for a half-day hike or a weekend camping trip. Most of these places are close enough to a campground, where people can set up and hang out for a few days. Lake Berryessa, The Garden of Eden and The Inkwells are all in state parks that have campgrounds with fire pits and coin-operated showers.

Whether it’s a relaxing weekend at a campground or a challenging hike, everyone should get away from the continuous screen time and take at least a few days off to enjoy the diversity of Bay Area environments.