Soul Searching in San Francisco

Written and Video by Natalia Vaskez

Souls of San Francisco is a project independently crafted by Garry Bowden after his childhood friend began the Humans of New York project. Bowden seeks to interact with individuals and get to know about what makes each person a part of the community of San Francisco. Each day he ventures out to various parts of the city and photographs strangers, getting a sense of their identity in each shot. Bowden doesn’t have an end in mind, and wants to continue documenting people in new cities. He shares his works through online channels like Tumblr and Facebook, where his page has close to three thousand likes. Each portrait subject spans generations, races, and styles to showcase the individuals the city of San Francisco is comprised of. The project has connected Bowden to opportunities to further his photographic career as well as adventures with the souls he seeks to capture. Beyond expanding his portfolio, Bowden hopes to create a network fostering the connectivity of the human race. Listen as he discusses the project to some of his favorite portraits.

Capturing the Soul of a City from Xpress Magazine on Vimeo.