Kitten Bowl invades your TV

Move over Patriots and Seahawks – there’s a new bowl in town and coming to your television screen today – and it might be the cutest one yet. Today marks the second annual kitten bowl on the Hallmark Channel. It aired at noon Eastern Time, but will be played again at noon and 3 p.m. West Coast Time.

Most people know about the Puppy Bowl, which has kittens who come on during the half-time as cheerleaders, but the Kitten Bowl is still a new concept.

The event itself was filmed in Thousand Oaks, Calif. at Lucy Pet Foundation. Last year, the Kitten Bowl had 72 participants. This year, it has 92. All kittens and cats shown in this kitten bowl are also guarenteed homes.

The bowl involves four teams – the Hallmark Channel Hearties, the Northpole Panthers, the Hallmark Movies and Mysteries, and Good Witch Wildcats.

So if you want to watch kittens be adorable, or just want a break from all the football, swing over to the Hallmark channel if you have television service or take a look at Hallmark’s Kitten Bowl website.