Democracy in Action: 360 Video

Democracy in Action: 360 Video

Alec Fernandes May 13, 2015

Photo by photographingtravis via Flickr   San Francisco City Hall has been the setting of many high-profile events, from the wedding of Marilyn Monroe and Joe DiMaggio in 1954 to the assassinations of...

Photo by avatar-1 via Flickr

Five Free, Fun Foot Hikes in SF

Alec Fernandes May 13, 2015

Photo by avatar-1 via Flickr   It's Wednesday and your best friend calls, hungry for $20 appetizers at San Francisco's newest and most overpriced cafe. After a longer look at the online menu,...

Vandal Tags Statue with Cultural Message

Vandal Tags Statue with Cultural Message

Alec Fernandes April 9, 2015

Two employees from the group San Francisco Art Conservation attempt to lift graffiti off the statue of Juan Bautista de Anza near Lake Merced, April 9. Photo by Alec Fernandes On this clear Thursday...

Morman gay-rights activist Mitch Mayne Saturday February 21, 2015. Photo by Martin Bustamante

Faith and Politics

Alec Fernandes March 9, 2015

Mitch Mayne wants to help other gay Mormons find acceptance. Photo by Martin Bustamante On a recent Tuesday afternoon in the lobby of the Fairmont Hotel, Mitch Mayne felt bold enough to talk about two...

Community colleges will offer 4-year degrees

Alec Fernandes January 26, 2015

It’s that time of year when high school seniors anxiously await their college acceptance letters, praying a fat envelope will soon arrive from the campus of their dreams. But here in the Golden...

Oklahoma’s possible hoodie ban supports racial profiling

Alec Fernandes January 9, 2015

People cover their heads for many reasons – to avoid a nasty sunburn, to hide an embarrassing pimple, or even to commit a heinous crime. After all, a hoodie can conceal a bank robber’s face just...

Soda Tax Goes Flat in SF

Alec Fernandes December 17, 2014

This midterm election asked voters to further define where the nanny state ends and the freedom to be reckless begins. What Americans can and cannot do often hangs in the balance between personal freedom...

Homeless Migration

Alec Fernandes December 13, 2014

The number of people living on the streets of San Francisco has changed recently. Here is a look, Life in San Francisco can be encapsulated by a single phrase: You get what you pay for. The cost...

Ten Things Not to Do on Halloween

Alec Fernandes October 31, 2014

San Francisco has lots of frightful fun happening all over the city this Halloween. But even though there are many events to choose from, here is a list of ten things to avoid doing tonight: 1....

Critical mass or critical mess?

Alec Fernandes October 25, 2014

San Francisco’s skyline casts its shadow on Justin Herman Plaza as a stream of commuters rush past the ferry building. It is the last Friday of September and the first week of autumn...

Mix music with Crossfader

Alec Fernandes October 23, 2014

Blare two songs at the same time and chances are it will sound like trash being dumped into a garbage truck. But sometimes it creates a pleasant surprise, like late at night in a Castro bar where Rihanna’s...

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