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Readymade: Using Toilet Paper To Explore The Human Experience

Kaneisee Collective's dancers walk in to the stage at the begining of the

Brandy Miceli

November 14, 2016

Along the colorfully painted stairwell to Dance Mission Theater in San Francisco, audience members decide whether red or white wine will accompany them to their seats. They exchange dialogue in suspense before settling into metal folding chairs leveled perfectly to see the stage ahead. Across the ba...

Femininity As A Decisive Tool For Change

Illustration by Mekaila Tyrrell

Brandy Miceli

October 7, 2016

Do you ever wish you could handcraft your perfect presidential candidate, then convince the whole country voting for this candidate would ensure all their needs — political, social, environmental, and emotional — would be met? It’s the twenty-first century, why aren’t handcrafted candidates a ...

Threatened Sanctuary or National Insecurity?

Veronica Mieto and her two-month-old Gael Isaih Comunidad stand of the steps of San Francisco City Hall during immigrant family day at on Thursday, April 28, 2016. Mieto is wearing headphones to receive translation of what speakers are saying. ( Ryan McNulty / Xpress )

Brandy Miceli

May 29, 2016

By: Brandy Miceli People from around the world gathered under the trees of Frank Ogawa Plaza in Oakland to share their stories of brutal violence, sexual assault, and yearning hunger during their journey to the United States from their homelands -- the hot spring day complementing their zeal to be ...

Bantering Bouffons

Bantering Bouffons

Brandy Miceli

April 19, 2016

By: Brandy Miceli Forty minutes before showtime, the Naked Empire Bouffons were backstage at PianoFight, a bar in the Tenderloin, preparing to grace the audience with their grotesque humor for their monthly show, “Too Soon.” “It’s nine fifty and we’re taking deep fucking breaths,” perfor...

From Farm to Bong

Amanda Reiman, a patient who uses Flow Kana cannabis poses for a portrait in San Francisco, Sat. Feb. 20. (Imani Miller/Xpress).

Brandy Miceli

March 18, 2016

By: Brandy Miceli The inflammation, swollen cartilage, and swollen joint linings that come with 39-year-old Amanda Reiman’s foot arthritis keep her immobile and in pain. Refusing to put chemicals of any sort into her body, Reiman opts out of doctor recommended steroid shots in her toes and painkill...

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