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Comic Books: Visual Storytelling’s New Home at SF State

Jessika Karlsson

May 30, 2017

It all started with his first word - Batman. Although the idea had always been with him, he never thought of making a living out of it. The thought of combining one of his biggest interests and academia seemed impossible, a concept to be ridiculed among scholars. He played with the thought. And then ...

Out Of Options: International Students Fear Having To Find New Ways Of Making It In The Country

Priyanka Salvi (left) Sairoop Dasaraju (center) Bhavana Yadav (right) collaborate on an Industrial finances assignement at J. Paul Leonard Library at SF State on Apr. 16, 2017. (Ryan Zaragoza / Xpress).

Jessika Karlsson

May 13, 2017

As I approach my last year in college, and time as a student (perhaps forever), I feel the atmosphere change and air getting thicker. Goosebumps travel along my arm as a reaction, not to a sudden change in temperature, but to the realization that hits me; this might be the end. The presidential e...

Undocumented – Fear and Mystery Plague the First Weeks of New Trump Era

Pamela Ortiz poses at her San Francisco home. Photo by Aaron Levy-Wolins

Jessika Karlsson

March 16, 2017

It’s an uncertain time for many San Francisco State University students, who have a new president that is aggressively working towards fulfilling his election promises to his followers, and fast. For undocumented students enrolled at SF State this time brings out more than just questions and spe...

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