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A guide to SF’s most haunted places

Lissette Vargas

October 28, 2014

Walking down into an empty dark basement as a child in Chicago, Jim Fassbinder experienced his first ghost encounter. He began to play with the shadow of a man on the wall, a man who was nowhere in sight. His fascination for the supernatural continued into adulthood as he began to study and get involved...

Hand forged and handmade, a look into the world’s oldest art form

Lissette Vargas

October 27, 2014

It starts off as a flat copper disk. A steady stream of blue and purple fire bursts out of the blowtorch in her hand, melting the solid metal she holds up with tongs. With a heavy hammer she pounds the disk that is slowly forming into a bowl. Dale Beevers, 39, is on her first day on the job at The C...

Girl on Fire

Lissette Vargas

October 24, 2014

During the Iron Age, blacksmiths rapidly moved up the ranks of society due to their important role in village survival. They worked with the fire from a two thousand degree forge to pound iron into working tools needed for a thriving village. Three thousand five hundred years later, the ...

‘Mortified’: a night of humiliation

Lissette Vargas

October 22, 2014

Six hundred and fifty people crowded the DNA Lounge last Friday where brave adults stepped behind a microphone to share excerpts from their humiliating childhood diaries, journals, and love letters. Gray, a petite blond appears on stage with a seventy page blue spiral notebook in her hand. Confiden...

Happy Safe Sex-ing, SF State

Lissette Vargas

September 30, 2014

“Don’t have sex, because you will get pregnant and die.”   Coach Carr instilling fear in the teenagers of America in 2004’s Mean Girls is the first thing that comes to mind when I think of a sex education class. But SF State’s Minor in Sexuality Studies takes a different approach when teac...

Hazing Tragedy Shakes Bay Area Greek Life

Lissette Vargas

September 16, 2014

Along Malcolm X Plaza, fraternities and sororities set up booths to advertise Fall “rush,” where prospective students participate in a recruitment period in hopes of gaining an invitation to the Greek organization of their choice. Justin Lovell, 22, historian of SF State’s Pi Kappa Phi cha...

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