It's Not JUST Hair

It’s Not JUST Hair

Zanesha Williams December 21, 2018

Solange Knowles made a soundtrack for being black in America, mostly recognized by her anthem “Don’t Touch My Hair”. Dance worthy, the song forces a smile upon your face and causes an inevitable...

50 Years After Change

50 Years After Change

Zanesha Williams July 19, 2018

The current semester at San Francisco State University celebrates a milestone that has changed and influenced our country and the world. Black and Africana Studies was the horizon for an inclusive learning...

Ebonics is NOT

Ebonics is NOT “Black English”

Zanesha Williams July 12, 2018

There is no coincidence that Black people throughout the country understand and communicate in a way that is foreign to people who are not close to the culture. There is no coincidence that, although the...

Black Panther & Cultural Conversation

Black Panther & Cultural Conversation

Zanesha Williams April 15, 2018

Another superhero movie came out this past month. That’s where we are at now. Marvel movies are becoming as essential to American culture as the Super Bowl or the Olympics; we all have to see them. Except...

Black is the New Black

Black is the New Black

Zanesha Williams April 13, 2018

According to a well known saying, “______ is the new black.” Black is the standard of fashion. Clothing trends come and go, but recently pressure is being put on the fashion industry to let more go...

Professor Flannery poses for a portrait at San Francisco State, in San Francisco Calif. on Febuary 8, 2018.

The Fight for Africana Studies

Zanesha Williams April 9, 2018

“We have to fight for everything we have in addition to the scholarship itself.” Dr. Ifetayo Flannery talks about one of the ways Africana Studies is such a unique discipline. Fighting for rights...

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