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SF bloggers recommend places to visit in the city after lockdown

Pier 23 Cafe, San Francisco, CA. Image credits to Clara Rice & Pier 23 Cafe.

Story by Anne Lima

April 24, 2020

As we now enter a second month of this shelter in place protocol, many people have come to reminisce about the places and things they loved to do in San Francisco. From spending a Saturday picnic filled with music and dogs running around at Dolores Park or hiking up the trails of Twin Peaks. Yes, I ju...

Netflix’s “Ugly Delicious” shows viewers the beauty of ethnic cuisines


Shelley Wang

April 23, 2020

Food is a source of connection for many, often signifying who they are and where they come from. The United States is known to be a melting pot of different cultures and though a lot of ethnic foods have been culturally accepted, there are many foods that still have cultural stigmas attached, especially ce...

The importance of maintaining routines while under quarantine

Breakfast bagel

Shelley Wang

April 10, 2020

Since the outbreak of the virus that causes COVID-19, maintaining a daily routine has become more difficult for many people in the United States, mainly since the mandatory stay-at-home order is now in effect. The impact of the virus is widespread — while people are encouraged to hunker down at ho...

Food For Thought and Your Wallet

Peanut butter rice cake

Photo story by Maddison October

March 20, 2020

Cooking on a college student’s budget is often difficult to do, but hopefully these recipes might help inspire some new additions that are relatively cheap and can last a couple of days. Some of the ingredients are “staples” that should in your fridge or your cabinets (such as honey, olive oil, butt...

The San Francisco Coffee Rush

The San Francisco Coffee Rush

by Anne Lime and photos by Harrison Rich

December 9, 2019

Some people call it a three-course meal during a busy day or week. Some call it a vice, and others say the day literally doesn’t start without it. It’s used as a way to break the ice over business or a date. A good cup of coffee really goes a long way in making our day, and the city isn’t sho...

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