Assad Bruno tailors a pair of pants for a client in his makeshift popup studio at Pro Arts Gallery & Commons space in Oakland, CA. Bruno is a local clothing designer who specializes in upcycling and repurposing denim. (Saskia Hatvany / Xpress Magazine)

Tailoring Trash into Treasure

Saskia Hatvany, Staff Writer September 16, 2021

Under a clinically bright light, the damage is assessed.  What was once a pair of jeans is now a messy heap of fabric, open-faced on the operating table, waiting to be stitched back together. The limbs,...

 Tatiana Mercer plays with her tangle, a stimming toy she uses, on Sept. 6,2021 in Guerneville, CA. Mercer says that this particular tangle is a special custombecause the rainbow colored pieces each came from other tangly toys she had and tookapart.  (Amaya Edwards/Xpress)

Neurodivergent in a Neurotypical World

Cash Martinez, Staff Writer September 15, 2021

Sitting in the passenger seat of her friend’s car, driving down U.S. 101 through Sonoma County, Tatiana Mercier began to wonder if she, like many of her friends, was autistic.   Mercier had...

A laptop and phone sit showing the Zoom logo on Wednesday, September 8, 2021. . (Elizabeth Agazaryan / Xpress Magazine)

Zoom Fatigue: The Physical Impact of Prolonged Virtual Meetings

Nicole Gonzales, Staff Writer September 15, 2021

It’s a Tuesday, the week has just started, and you’ve been sitting at your desk attending meeting after meeting staring at the familiar blue light from your computer screen. By the end of the day,...

Headshot of Trinity Wong, Photo courtesy ofJoe Bulawan - AMTI MODEL MANAGEMENT.

Healing the Mind, Body and Soul after a Breakup

Mariana Garrick, Staff Writer September 16, 2021

Trinity Wong felt lost as she scrolled through the endless array of videos on the popular social media app TikTok. Her ‘For You’ page, TikTok’s curated front page feed, displayed funny videos that...

 Woman holds a peeled banana adorned with an unwrapped condom in San Francisco on Sept. 10, 2021 for Xpress Magazine. (Garrett Isley / Golden Gate Xpress)

How to Participate in Sexual Self-Care and Wellness

Gia Opsahl, Staff Writer September 16, 2021

Taking care of your sexual health is one of the most important steps in your self-care routine. Bringing yourself in to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) may feel like the most embarrassing...

College students indulge in social media while at home in San Francisco, Calif. (Morgan Ellis / Xpress Magazine)

Competing for a Body

Ximena Loeza September 16, 2021

The following article contains content about disordered eating.   Eating disorders have been changing and evolving with the internet for years. With the increased popularity of social media...

Collage of Erica Gray, Valentia Aragon, Christina Hernandez, Juilo Cesar Tello, Michael Anthony Hall (Paris Galarza / Xpress Magazine)

A Reflection on Body Image

Fernando G. Pacheco, Staff Writer September 16, 2021

The following article mentions an experience of disordered eating.   The mirror feels like a necessity. It affirms if a garment fits well. It verifies that there is no lipstick stain. Over time,...

Abstract mixed media piece illustrating endometriosis pain and symptoms by Hunter Troy. September 9, 2021, San Francisco, CA. (Hunter Troy / Xpress Magazine).

Living with Endometriosis: ‘It’s Your Worst Nightmare’

Hunter Troy, Staff Writer September 15, 2021

Janette Rogers-Booth walked into her school nurse’s office feeling humiliated, alone and bewildered. She was in the fourth grade and asked for a sanitary pad because she started cramping, bleeding through...

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