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'There's no better time' for music lessons

‘There’s no better time’ for music lessons

KK Interchuck, Writer April 16, 2021

McAllister Music Studio in San Francisco has welcomed over 65 students to virtual lessons in the past year. While some of these students are seasoned musicians seeking more technical training, others are...

Resurgence of vinyl records

Resurgence of vinyl records

Christian Cabang, Multimedia Editor April 16, 2021

Part of experiencing music through vinyl is the act of listening – the sound of the needle touching the record, the light buzz from the record player and the occasional audio skip from old, beaten...

Headphones in, healing mode on

Headphones in, healing mode on

Justin Garcia, Writer April 16, 2021

  For an ordinary activity such as listening to music, there are many different components we all share. It is a melodic way of easing our minds, elevating our moods, embracing heartaches and...

Spotify's music leaders

Spotify’s music leaders

Tèo Mata, Writer April 16, 2021

Since launching in 2008, Spotify has become a leader in recording music charts. The streaming service has over 150 million subscribers and over 70 million tracks listeners can hear. Spotify keeps track...

A star on the rise in Inglewood

A star on the rise in Inglewood

Tèo Mata April 16, 2021

When 22-year-old Joshua Luellen was just a regular student preparing for his high school talent show, he had no idea that the performance would alter his music passion trajectory. After rehearsing...

Record stores survive and thrive

Record stores survive and thrive

Saylor Nedelman, Photographer April 16, 2021

Music lovers and industry workers took one of the biggest hits during the pandemic. The sense of belonging that was once found in big sweaty crowds, has now translated to virtual performances in Zoom chat...

The subconscious soundtrack

Lyn Brook, Writer April 16, 2021

The concept of white noise might be foreign to some, but whether we are aware of its presence or not, it has played an important role in every single one of our lives.  To some, it might be falling...

Opera singer Melissa Sondhi takes the stage

Amalia Diaz, Photographer April 16, 2021

Melissa Sondhi is a professional opera singer based in San Francisco. Sondhi made her debut with Opera San Jose and has expanded her career in stage productions where she played the roles of Ida in Die...

For the love of guitar

Emily Curiel, Photo Editor April 16, 2021

As the character Moonwind says in the movie 'Soul,' "The zone is enjoyable, but when that joy becomes an obsession, one becomes disconnected from life." Garrett Grimm, SF State alumnus, who majored...

Black culture in music

Diani Ellis, Copy Editor April 16, 2021

Since the early stages of commercial music, Black artists have been robbed of their musical creations. We asked people on social media their thoughts on Black music, Black culture, and how oftentimes artists...

DJs: The women ruling the scene

DJs: The women ruling the scene

Kenzie Aellig April 16, 2021

The following article includes an experience of a sensitive situation involving sexual assault. As multicolor lights sweep the darkened room, bodies sway, connected for a moment in time. The ground...

The #BakaryBeatChallenge

The #BakaryBeatChallenge

Sydney Welch, Social Media Editor April 16, 2021

With a dream collaboration from Timbaland and Pharrell, 25-year-old Oakland producer Bakary Milon sets the tone for all of the producers out there. Making music since 12, Bakary was finally...

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