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Flask Mob

Flask Mob

Xpress Mag Staff May 23, 2014

[widgetkit id=6091] Written by Marianna Barrera Photos By Ryan Lebrich As soon as the sun sets, the mob slowly starts to gather between Sansome and Commercial Streets. Soon hundreds of people are...

Blind Ambition

Xpress Mag Staff May 23, 2014

[widgetkit id=6065] Written By Ben Tasner Photos by Lorisa Salvatin A child of two deaf parents, Meir Schneider, was born with cataracts, glaucoma, astigmatism, and nystagmus. As a young boy he...

Myra Navarro (left), of Fighting Falangees Balls of Fury, and Chris Chang, of ASTRO Ballers, play each other during a skeeball match at Bar None, in San Francisco, Monday, Feb. 20th, 2014.
Photo by Gavin McIntyre / Xpress

Dropping the Ball

Xpress Mag Staff May 23, 2014

[widgetkit id=6058] Written by Jessica Mendoza Photos by Gavin McIntyre As you walk down the streets in the Marina district, every corner you turn is bursting with restaurants showcasing the finest...

XPress DIY: Dinner Party Decoration on a Dime

XPress DIY: Dinner Party Decoration on a Dime

Xpress Mag Staff May 22, 2014

[widgetkit id=6044] Written and Photographed by Nicole Crittenden Summer is here! Hopefully this means you will have a little more time to relax and enjoy San Francisco’s foggy climate (and maybe...

Sensory Deprevation

Xpress Mag Staff May 19, 2014

By Nicole Dobarro I was naked in the darkest space I have ever been in. I willingly shut the door but my fingers refused to let go of the handle. Instead they only gripped tighter. My mind filled...

Pitch Black Symphony

Chantel Genest May 14, 2014

Written By Chantel Genest Photographed by Lorisa Salvatin You are acutely aware of a bang and a roar, a drum cymbal between a ticking beat traveling from your left to your right. A toad croaks amidst...

SAFE and Sound

Xpress Mag Staff May 11, 2014

Written by Jourdon Ahn Photographed by Gavin McIntyre This year President Obama composed a memorandum for immediate release, addressing the harrowing prevalence of rape and sexual assault in our...

Guess who’s coming to dinner?

Xpress Mag Staff April 26, 2014

Written by Erika Linker "Aren't you going to eat the meat I put in there for you?" The dreaded and familiar question had been lobbed at me before I could turn away and hide the remaining contents...

We're all spinning

We’re all spinning

Xpress Mag Staff April 17, 2014

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s65GbpdaL0&feature=youtu.be Written by Katrina Andaya Photo & Video by Tony Santos She looks up just for a brief moment as her green and yellow hula-hoop spins...

Fostering Friends

Xpress Mag Staff April 8, 2014

Written by Melissa Landeros In the summer of 2005 SF State established the Guardian Scholars Program (GSP), which would prove to be life-changing for a number of students. The program, created to...

Finding the Light

Xpress Mag Staff April 8, 2014

Written by Bek Phillips Photos by Gavin McIntyre “I love you, mom.” Those were the words she wrote before she emptied a full bottle of Vicodin in her hand and methodically took each pill....

Breathe: Holistic Health

Xpress Mag Staff April 7, 2014

  Written by Ben Tasner Photos by Lorisa Salvatin Students rest their arms and legs as they lie on the floor of a darkened dance studio. The room is an ocean, and their bodies, like softly...

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