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Dropping the Ball

Myra Navarro (left), of Fighting Falangees Balls of Fury, and Chris Chang, of ASTRO Ballers, play each other during a skeeball match at Bar None, in San Francisco, Monday, Feb. 20th, 2014.
Photo by Gavin McIntyre / Xpress

Xpress Mag Staff

May 23, 2014

[widgetkit id=6058] Written by Jessica Mendoza Photos by Gavin McIntyre As you walk down the streets in the Marina district, every corner you turn is bursting with restaurants showcasing the finest meals and small boutique shops that carry the cutest clothes. The Marina is the perfect place wh...

Barry Bonds: On the Road to Redemption

Xpress Mag Staff

May 11, 2014

  Written by Jessica Mendoza The name Barry Bonds immediately evokes memories of steroids and legal indiscretions. He’s known as the man who took the home-run king title away from Hank Aaron while parading around as the villain of baseball. But let’s forget all of Barry Bonds’ woes. Move on. But it seems a lot easier wri...

Jumping off the bandwagon

Jumping off the bandwagon

Xpress Mag Staff

February 21, 2014

Written by Jessica Mendoza Now that baseball season is just around the corner, Giants fans are preparing themselves for another exciting season by sporting their Giants gear and rushing the ticket booths for the best seats possible. On February 1, 2014,  AT&T Park swarmed with attendees of t...

The End Of An Era

November 6, 2013

Written by Jake Montero Photos by Benjamin Kamps The destruction of Candlestick Park will mark the end of its more than fifty years as a professional sports forum.  It will signal the end of professional football in San Francisco, a tradition of forty-two years that has spawned five Super Bowl ...

Party Poopin’ Pigskin

Photo by AFN- Pacific Hawaii News Bureau

October 15, 2013

The NFL has finally put their foot down after years of watching players like Chad Johnson and Terrell Owens party like its 1999 in the end zone. The NFL has cracked down on taunting this season with the reinforcement of several rules that will essentially prohibit players from celebrating anywhere outs...

Give it Time, Raiders Fans

Xpress Mag Staff

September 25, 2013

Written by Rhys Robinson Photography by Gavin McIntyre Read More »...

NFL Bars: Touching Down On Sunday’s Hottest Spots

Xpress Mag Staff

September 17, 2013

Written Jake Montero Photos by Dariel Medina and Sarah Todd Read More »...

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