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Still Sort of Gr8 – iOS8 Impressions

Photo taken by Daniel Porter

Michael Leri

September 17, 2014

Disclaimer: This was tested using a 64 gigabyte iPhone 5. iOS7 was a drastic step up from iOS6. Apple finally hit their stride by streamlining what they had, borrowing from Android, and making it look a whole hell of a lot slicker. It has been a year since iOS7 was pushed on us and I still have not...

Top Five iOS 8 Features

Michael Leri

September 9, 2014

Written by Michael Leri Apple has conditioned us every year to not only anticipate and salivate over a new phone, but a new operating system as well. iOS8 marks yet another chapter in the long list of yearly improvements that Apple has promised its faithful user base, all of which range from "meh...

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