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Here for the music, not harassment

Here for the music, not harassment
May 11, 2020

With ticket and ID in hand, I anxiously stood with my feet apart while a security guard patted me down right outside the main entrance. An industry standard, this protocol has become second nature to a...

My Cosplay does not give Consent

My Cosplay does not give Consent
April 24, 2019

A three-story building fills up as tens of thousands of guests–some in plain clothes, some in elaborate, funny, homemade, or store-bought costumes–go to panels, meet and greet creators of their favorite...

Pepper and Assault

A screenshot of Sam Pepper before he begins his
September 27, 2014

Today, some of the most popular videos on the internet are prank videos; possibly because people seem to find it hilarious to watch people other than themselves get tricked. However, it is a genuine tragedy...

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