Photo by Ron Frazier

Growing and Knowing — Part 3

Nashanta Williams December 20, 2016

The garden is our happy place. Now that your plants have been successfully transplanted and you’ve dealt with the mourning associated with the seedlings that have withered and browned. It is important...

Illustration by Mekaila Tyrrell

Choosing Freedom — A Story About Overcoming A Life Sentence

Nashanta Williams November 14, 2016

  At first, transitioning had its difficulties for Curtis Penn, a San Francisco State University student. He’d turn the shower on and commence the activity fully clothed, water seeping through...

Photo by Ron Frazier

Growing and Knowing

Nashanta Williams October 7, 2016

As I watched media coverage of the neighborhoods filled with people who look like me — people of color — awaken from a restless slumber, I was mesmerized. The consciousness flowed through the protests...

Alex Locust, a postgraduate student at SF State, poses for a portrait at SF State on Thursday Septemeber 8, 2016.

Leaving No One Out

Nashanta Williams October 6, 2016

He has a big smile, moderately dyed orange hair with highlights of taupe, and is an overwhelmingly candid intellectual. These are the immediate characteristics that flood one’s senses when meeting Alex...

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