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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

Finding the Fusion

Justine Brady and Abraham Fuentes
December 15, 2022

Food creates a sense of community for multicultural families in the Bay Area. Families gather and celebrate their own unique cultural recipes. But what if some cuisines we think are from one culture, were...

Sirviendo Más Que Comida (Spanish)

Eian Gil, Managing Editor
December 12, 2022

  Hay muchos diferentes cafés, puestos de comida y cafeterías en El Campus de SF State que estudiantes visitan todos los días. Pero quiénes son los que trabajan ahí, y cuál es el impacto...

Serving More Than Food (English)

Eian Gil, Managing Editor
December 12, 2022

  Across SF State’s campus are multiple different coffee shops, food stands and food court eating areas where students congregate daily. But who keeps these stands running, and what is the impact...

Paint or Pixels? The AI Art Debate

Eian Gil, Managing Editor
December 17, 2022

Advancements in artificial intelligence have allowed for more and more technology to permeate into our daily lives. The use of AI in general can spark some fiery ethical debates, but the art world in particular...

The Godfather of Skate

Maximo Joaquin Vazquez
November 11, 2022

In February of 1979, David “D” Miles Jr. boarded a greyhound bus in his hometown of Kansas City and headed to San Francisco. A little over forty years later, Miles Jr. —  a.k.a “The Godfather...

Who are the Vets at State?

Joshua Carter, Staff Photographer
November 11, 2022

Joshua Carter: As a Navy veteran here at SF State, people always ask me what benefits I get. So I decided that with Veteran's Day coming up, it’s probably a good idea to look at some of the benefits...

(Graphic created by Myron Caringal)

Between the Issues: Newsroom secrets and SF State confessions

Myron Caringal and Ximena Loeza
November 5, 2022

Two newspaper-plastered classrooms filled with tired, yet eager reporters sit side by side on the third floor of the Humanities Building. These are the magazine and newspaper production rooms, and the...

The Fight for Lot 25

Kamal Taj, Staff Writer
October 23, 2022

Kamal Taj: Making your way over to Stonestown Galleria from San Francisco State, you may find your view blocked by a sunbleached wall stretching down Winston Drive. Take a second look. Walls don't usually...

The Michael J. Payton Story

Angelina Casolla, Staff Writer
October 17, 2022

Angelina: Oakland native and San Francisco State alum Michael J. Payton is a rapper turned filmmaker and social entrepreneur. In 2018, Payton wrote, edited and narrated the unofficial Murder Inc. documentary...

Fits of SFSU co-founders Breanna Miller (left) and Esperanza Vaquiz (right) pose for a portrait in the Quad, Sept. 15, 2022. (Oliver Michelsen / Golden Gate Xpress)

Between the Issues: Flop or Serve? SF State students talk fashion

Oliver Michelsen, Lisa Moreno, Multimedia Editor, Editor In Chief (GGX)
October 7, 2022

Two reporter-cluttered, newspaper-plastered classrooms sit side by side in the Humanities building on the third floor. Dramatic keyboard clicks leak from the rooms, serving as the hallway’s consistent...

Religious Realness

Destiny Walker, Staff Writer
October 20, 2022

Destiny Walker: In today’s culture religion is not at the foundation of many people's lives anymore. According to Pew Research Statistics, the importance of religion has decreased 22% since the baby...

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