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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

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Ximena Loeza

Ximena Loeza, Staff Writer

Ximena Loeza (she/they) is a 22-year-old Bay Area native. She enjoys writing about beauty, fashion, social justice, queer culture, and all things pop culture.

All content by Ximena Loeza
(Graphic created by Myron Caringal)

Between the Issues: Newsroom secrets and SF State confessions

November 5, 2022

Two newspaper-plastered classrooms filled with tired, yet eager reporters sit side by side on the third floor of the Humanities Building. These are the magazine and newspaper production rooms, and the...

Potters at work in the Clayroom in San Francisco on Dec. 2, 2021. (Amaya Edwards / Xpress Magazine)

Lost in the Clay: Finding an Escape in Pottery

December 15, 2021

  As the studio manager announces closing time, the heads of several hard-working potters shoot up in shock. They scramble to clean up their workstations and make their final touches on their pieces....

Kiarra Dolan watches a show on her laptop outside of her work in San Mateo, Calif., on Nov. 11, 2021. Dolan is a student at California State University East Bay who enjoys true crime mysteries in her downtime. (Nicolas Cholula / Xpress Magazine)

A Morbid Curiosity: Why Do We Love True Crime?

November 11, 2021

  Mary Mayone puts her headphones on and turns to her bedside table to turn off the light. She lays her head against her pillow, picks up her phone and presses play. The story of a gruesome murder...

Claudine Mallare holds up a secondhand jacket with Sailor Moon on the back and a second-hand t-shirt in South San Francisco, Calif., on Oct. 7, 2021. (Paris Galarza / Xpress Magazine)

The Gentrification of Thrifting

October 14, 2021

Scrolling down Depop, the popular resale app, the options of secondhand items range from Tabi Maison Margiela boots to Juicy Couture jackets and vintage Levi’s. The choices seem endless and the prices...

College students indulge in social media while at home in San Francisco, Calif. (Morgan Ellis / Xpress Magazine)

Competing for a Body

September 16, 2021

The following article contains content about disordered eating.   Eating disorders have been changing and evolving with the internet for years. With the increased popularity of social media...

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