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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

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On The Hook

On The Hook

Caroline Van Zandt, Staff Writer
December 30, 2022

Cat·fish /ˈkatˌfiSH/ INFORMAL•US Lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona “Mary DiCarlo was being catfished for the second time.” She wants to go...

The property where Martin lives consists of old farm equipment that used to belong to the owners of the land, Dec. 21, 2022(Caroline Van Zandt/ Xpress Magazine)

Life After Addiction

Caroline Van Zandt, Staff Writer
December 26, 2022

At 56 years old, Lisa Martin has a full set of dentures. She had all of her teeth pulled at once, after nearly nine years of active alcoholism and a lifetime of oral neglect. Separate from her substance...

Image credit: Bay Area Puma Project/Felidae Fund

The Lion’s Stretch

Sarah Bowen, Copy Editor
December 21, 2022

In the early dawn hours, a mountain lion sits on the hilltop of Andy Forward’s backyard. She seems relaxed as she turns her head, taking in her surroundings with big eyes. Her ears perk up occasionally...

Sewing Machine on Table (dejankrsmanovic. licensed under CC BY 2.0.)

Home Away from Home

Zackery Stehr, Staff Writer
December 21, 2022

It’s 9:30 a.m. on a Tuesday as London Deutsch’s classroom starts to fill with smoke and the smell of burning chemicals. Today, her class is testing different fabrics’ reactions to flames. Students...

(Justine Brady / Xpress Magazine)

Finding the Fusion

Justine Brady, Diversity Editor
December 11, 2022

The marinated sweet pork hisses back at the chef as he gently tosses the meat onto the hot grill. The sound of the knife striking the cutting board can be heard from the kitchen as onions, jalapeños and...

Devon Chulick, game master for “Total Party Chill,” behind his DM screen recounting the party’s previous battle on November 29th, 2022. One player was polymorphed into a dinosaur while another was downed fighting in a dragon’s lair. (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)

Delving into the Dungeon

Oliver Michelsen, Multimedia Editor
December 9, 2022

It was in a booth at a Round Table Pizza where Devon Chulick discovered his love for roleplaying games. His mother had purchased him a “choose your own adventure” book. Chulick — a toddler at the...

Francesca Caccia uses the squat machine in the Mashouf Wellness Center at SF State for a “regular” workout in San Francisco, Calif., on Dec. 5, 2022. Caccia says working out makes her feel good after, and she comes in as often as she can to “stay healthy and fit.” (Tatyana Ekmekjian / Xpress Magazine)

A New Gym Culture

Caroline Van Zandt, Staff Writer
December 11, 2022

At 16 years old, Emilia Russell knew the pros and cons of working out in public gyms. On the positive end, working out meant better health, more endorphins and new friends at fitness centers. Getting catcalled...

Band Nuevo Armamento plays a mixture of their own music and famous covers, such as Los Tucanes de Tijuana’s La Chona, on the stage of Jack Adams Hall within SF State’s Cesar Chavez Student Center for Banda Nite on Dec. 2, 2022. (Daniel Hernandez / Xpress Magazine)

The Man Behind the Dance

Daniel Hernandez, Art Editor
December 11, 2022
The struggles an SF State student went through to create Banda Nite.
The organizers and vendors of the Soobin Cup Sleeve event at My Cup of Tea in San Francisco on Dec. 3, 2022. (Miguel Francesco Carrion / Xpress Magazine)

Krazy 4 K-Pop

Ciara O'Kelley, Staff Writer
December 9, 2022

On most nights, SF State's Mashouf Wellness Center is filled with students and faculty working out, playing basketball and rock climbing. But on some nights in room 122, something else entirely is going...

SF States Station Cafe, shuttered during heavy rain. The cafe is open weekdays and often serves commuter students early mornings. (Eian Gil / Xpress Magazine)

Serving More than Food

Eian Gil, Managing Editor
December 12, 2022

Some quotes in this article have been translated from Spanish to English As of 2022, SF state has a latinx student population of around 37%, according to President Mahoney. Alongside being named Hispanic-Serving...

Leila Harara, student administrative assistant and Political Science student getting a masters, stands in their office in the Political Science office at 304a. (Abraham Fuentes / Xpress Magazine)

The $1.6 Trillion Crisis

Angelina Casolla, Staff Writer
December 9, 2022

Student loan debt continues to rise, and now lies at an amount inconceivable to most, $1.6 trillion. The 13-figure number is too large for even the iPhone calculator to compute. So, what could you do with...

The top of the Cesar Chavez Student Center on campus under the light of the full moon in San Francisco, Calif., on Dec. 7, 2022. (Tatyana Ekmekjian / Xpress Magazine)

S.E.T.I. Phone Home

Kamal Taj, Staff Writer
December 9, 2022

Looking up at the night sky, it’s easy to get lost in the vastness of space — a nebulous murk speckled with points of brilliance. Mysterious planets orbit massive burning fusion reactions, smoldering...

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