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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

Babe Smart Truco pets their emotional support dog Faba while walking on campus at SF State on Tuesday, September 13, 2022. Faba accompanies Smart Truco everywhere, from their home off campus to each class. (Juliana Yamada/Xpress Magazine)

Campus Impawsters

Nadia Castro, Social Media Editor
September 16, 2022

As students make their way to Cafe Rosso and their classes on campus, so do their animals. Tails wag as dogs walk next to their owner, and cats in backpacks peer out at the students from inside their bubble.  While...

First-year student Christian Aransazo (left), Oscar Duran (center) and Elisa Hanhan (right) hang out in Duran’s dorm in Mary Park Hall at SF State on Monday, Sept. 12, 2022. Aransazo and Hanhan both commute, so Duran’s dorm is a place to hang out on campus. (Juliana Yamada/Xpress Magazine)

New Students on the Block

Caroline Vanzandt, Staff Writer
September 16, 2022

Fall is in full swing. The air is hot with the last breaths of summer, and students are back on SF State’s soil in the largest numbers since the pandemic. But how are the school’s newest faces handling...

Paulina Rosil, 21-year-old fashion designer and SF State student, prints T-shirts with original designs and ironic phrases in her apartment in San Francisco, Calif., on Sept. 12, 2022. Each tee Rosil sells is specially made-to-order per customer. (Tatyana Ekmekjian / Xpress Magazine)

The Tea on Tees

Giovanna Montoya, Staff Writer
September 16, 2022

Think back to 2002. Pop culture is dominated by merciless tabloids that control the narratives of socialites and celebrities presented to an unforgiving public. Fashion is the safest form of retaliation.  Following...

Phyllis Moodie, a native of Oakland, Calif., talks to younger students on campus on Sept. 6, 2022, about the importance of joining Black student organizations and recalls the racism she faced while living in Chico in the 70s. (Joshua Carter / Xpress Magazine)

Never Too Late to Go Back

Angelina Casolla and Joshua Carter
September 16, 2022

When her alarm goes off at 7 a.m., Serena Gomez reaches for the snooze button. She lays in bed for another thirty minutes, pondering life and how she made it through another day. At 7:30 a.m., she gets...

A wall of Funko Pops fill the right side of the Pop Plug’s storefront in Santa Clara, and are all organized by genre on Aug. 31. (Ciara O’Kelley / Xpress Magazine)

Fun in Funko

Ciara O’Kelley, Staff Writer
September 16, 2022

When someone steps into Kari Kauhaahaa’s home, their eyes are immediately drawn to the back of her living room. In the area surrounding her sliding glass door, about 200 Funko Pops can be found stacked...

A Dua, or prayer, printed on a rug in the Muslim Students Association (MSA) prayer room on Sept. 15, 2022. Duas are Islamic prayers asking Allah to grant blessings like protection, healing or guidance. (Joshua Carter / Xpress Magazine)

Religious Realness

Destiny Walker, Staff Writer
September 16, 2022

Groups of students converse and drink around the bonfires lit at Ocean Beach. Raqaiyah Angeles joins one and is offered a drink, to which she respectfully declines.  This isn’t the first time Angeles...

Lick Observatory’s 40-inch lens telescope building on April 29, 2022. Though 20 miles away from the closest source of light pollution, photos taken from atop Mt. Hamilton still must deal with the weather and the faint glow of distant San Jose. (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)

Shooting the Stars

Oliver Michelsen, Staff Writer
May 13, 2022

  Andy Macica caught his first picture of a supernova by accident. He shot Messier 51, what he refers to as either M51 or “the Whirlpool Galaxy,” 23 million lightyears away on his home telescope....

Different styles of tamales pictured at La Espiga de Oro Mexican Restaurant in San Francisco’s Mission District on May 5, 2022. Although the restaurant specializes in Mexican cuisine, La Espiga de Oro also offers traditional Honduran and Guatemalan tamales. (Maximo Vazquez / Xpress Magazine)

Tamales Wrapped in Different Flags

Lorena Garibay, Staff Writer
May 13, 2022

  It’s 3:35 in the afternoon, and the smell of sweet bread and salsa combines as patrons of the Guatemalan panaderia, Eterna Primavera, get in line to order. Blanca Estella Ruiz is in the kitchen...

A man walks his dog on Philosopher’s Way in John McLaren Park on May 6, 2022. This 2.7 mile trail provides its hikers with views of the bay and various neighborhoods in the city. (Garrett Isley / Xpress Magazine)

Three Lesser-Known Hiking Trails in the Bay Area

Anne Kristoff, Staff Writer
May 13, 2022

  As dust-like dirt lines the midsole of broken-in athletic shoes and the sun beams down across the vibrant green foliage, sweat begins to drip from the brow. Hikers mindfully pass each other along...

A clean prep station in Pizza Amigos on May 8, 2022. (Abraham Fuentes / Xpress Magazine)

The Mystery Shrouding Ghost Kitchens

Albert Gregory, Managing Editor / Copy Editor
May 13, 2022

  On a narrow street in Oakland, tensions are simmering.    In what was once considered a quiet neighborhood, residents are awoken by the sound of delivery trucks dropping off supplies...

Student Residential Assistants Claim Poor Working Conditions

Student Residential Assistants Claim Poor Working Conditions

Cash Martinez, Social Media Editor
May 12, 2022

It was little things, at first.   Little things, said former resident assistant Tori Bell, that were part of a much bigger problem — issues within San Francisco State University Residential...

A photo illustration compiling excerpts from different sex education material throughout the 1900s and early 2000s and a photo by Mario Suriani from the Associated Press showing AIDS research advocates in the 1983 New York pride march. (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)

The Search for Queer Sex Ed

Emily Cardenas, Staff Writer
May 13, 2022

  When Gordon Nipper had his first exposure to sex education, he was in the fifth grade. Even at the time, he didn’t feel that what he was learning applied to him. It was the experience itself...

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