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Money on wheels

Janelle Moncada

December 11, 2014

Food trucks are quickly evolving into an economic engine Nonet Arcega’s day begins at seven in the morning. The slicing of food on a chopping board can be heard from his kitchen. A variety of chopped meats and vegetables fill Arcega’s countertop, creating an abundance of color. Even though ...

Q&A with Creative Action Network co-founder Max Slavkin

Jannelle Garcia

December 4, 2014

Max Slavkin, twenty-seven and an LA native, is the co-founder of the small startup Creative Action Network. The startup is a website that runs a crowdsourced campaign and sells prints, apparel, and other goods that promote a cause. All the merchandise is created by artists around the country who want ...

La Cocina gets small businesses cooking

Ivane Lund-Soyombo

October 31, 2014

When Cristina Avantes moved to San Francisco in 1999, the move was intended to be a change from her everyday life in Sao Paulo, Brazil. “I came to study fundraising and administration for nonprofits,” she said, from her seat behind a desk covered in magazines and sweets—for market research...

Keeping the blue, green

Ivane Lund-Soyombo

October 23, 2014

What do you think about when you see a kitesurfer, windsurfer, or sailor on the water? Do you pause for a moment to marvel at their athletic prowess? Do you wonder how they are able to remain upright on the fickle body of water that is the ocean? Do you become saddened by the re...

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