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Give a girl a motorcycle

San Francisco and Sacramento Litas gather for a memorial ride.

Story by Clara Applegarth and Photo provided by Kimmie Herrera

May 12, 2020

“My excitement for moto comes from the adrenaline,” said Tish Yodatee, co-founder of the all-female motorcycle collective Bay Area chapter “The Litas.”  “The power, the freedom. Being in the open. Feeling the wind push against my body. Being able to crank the throttle and take off.” Th...

Tips on how to work from home and shelter-in-place with kids

photo by Clara Applegarth

Clara Applegarth

April 20, 2020

While cities across the globe continue to shelter in place to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, parents and childcare workers are essentially working overtime and, if attending school or working from home, their duties have doubled (Life During Quarantine podcast). For over a year, I have been working as a childcare professional for a single m...

Remaining body positive in isolation

Remaining body positive in isolation

Story by Clara Applegarth

April 13, 2020

I was struck by an eating disorder at a young age without fully being aware. Being a ballet dancer for several years of my childhood, the way your body formed certain lines when you moved was all but secondary. This fate was also brought on by genetics, with family members suffering from the same disorde...

Honey, let’s not shrink the bee population

Honey bees come and go from their hive at Garden for the Environment in the Inner Sunset. Photo by Sandy Scarpa.

by Clara Applegarth

March 18, 2020

The honey bee is the glue that holds ecosystems together through pollination. An insect so small, but so gargantuan in its purpose. But honey bees are being threatened as the climate grows more extreme and human interaction, in the form of deadly pesticides, harms them. In July, President Trump pu...

Fertility Awareness Method?…Bueller?

Fertility Awareness Method?...Bueller?

Story by Clara Applegarth, Illustration by Paige Acosta

February 25, 2020

While women continue to make impactful changes in 2020, with more females getting elected into Congress and having better representation of bodily anatomy prompted by protests, many women continue to stick with the pill as their choice of hormonal birth control. If we can break the glass ceiling in ...

The rules of the road

Kanya Velichansky poses on her Harey Sportster at the Litas SF x Litas Sacramento bike wash for Harley-Davidson Sacramento on June 8, 2019.

by Clara Applegarth and photo by Kimberly Herrera

December 9, 2019

One, make a staggered formation. Two, watch for the pacemaker’s hand signal. And three: ride your own ride. These are the rules of the road. “I think it’s not so much about doing it because only men do it,” said Katya Velichansky, founding member of the Bay Area chapter of The Litas motorcy...

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