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Paper to Electronic

Paper to Electronic

Ingrid Mera

April 30, 2019

Slouched on a few chairs outside of the empty shopping center, a group of young men sat laughing, cracking jokes as people walked past them. Smoke filled the air around them in heavy grey-white clouds. “Here,” said one of them as he handed a small, black vape pen to his friend sitting next to...

Vape beats out bae for Oxford’s word of the year

Olympia Zampathas

November 22, 2014

So, in case you have not heard the news yet, vape beat bae as the Oxford word of the year. That day was also the first time anyone considered me remotely funny on Twitter either because when I tweeted out "I guess bae isn't bae" I got retweeted by the magazine and favorited by National Public Radio's T...

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