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Virtual PEDs

Virtual PEDs

Drake Newkirk

October 6, 2015

Photo Illustration (Peter Snarr/ Xpress)   By Drake Newkirk [dropcap size="50px"]F[/dropcap]lashing lights, roaring fans, play by play analysis, giant screens, a sold out arena, two teams, one trophy, millions of dollars in prize money and performance enhancing drugs. ┬áThese things ca...

Booze, Games, and Comfort

Caty McCarthy

October 23, 2014

A sword has just been thrown across the field unexpectedly, its victim yelling at their opponent for hitting them, as the perpetrator gleefully sprints across the arena, awaiting his reward of being devoured by a giant dragon-monster-thing. Elsewhere, a man groans in agony as the gigantic flaming...

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