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Fringe Movements Rising: The Slippery Slopes of Conspiracy Movements

Fringe Movements Rising: The Slippery Slopes of Conspiracy Movements

Joshua Chan April 9, 2019

It seems like some new movement comes up every week on social media. One day, it’s something harmless like people dancing to whatever song is the flavor of the month, another day someone in your mentions...

Facebooking from the Grave

Facebooking from the Grave

Tami Benedict February 12, 2015

Facebook is our home away from home, a place where we escape our class lectures and focus on more important things, such as cyber-stalking our ex-boyfriends and seeing if we're doing better than them....

An open letter to Facebook Analysts, re: Ferguson

Dani Hutton December 3, 2014

America the free, the beautiful, the progressive. Unless you happen to be a young black man, then you are automatically a thief. Or a rapist. Or a murderer, and general delinquent who smokes weed, and...

What the hell is Ello?

What the hell is Ello?

Olympia Zampathas October 26, 2014

A few mornings ago, I woke up and checked my phone; after deleting about fifteen junk messages and other things that I do not care to read in my inbox, I saw an e-mail saying  that my boss had invited...

Lulu: Whether You Like It or Not

Lulu: Whether You Like It or Not

December 9, 2013

Written by Rhys Robinson Photo by Philip Houston Let’s be honest for a moment, fellas. At one point or another, we’ve all been stood up. Maybe the smoking hot blonde you chatted up in history...

Life Online

xpressmagazine April 29, 2011

She makes her way home on the 9X, a Muni bus line of questionable sanitation, and trudges upstairs. First thing she does is open her MacBook Pro, simultaneously checks her three e-mail accounts and of...

Talks About Social Media in the Jasmine Revolution Bloom at SF State

xpressmagazine March 23, 2011

Farida Ezzat, a 20-year-old college student from Cairo, steps up on the back of a large truck parked in front the Union Plaza in San Francisco. She can barely be seen over the wooden pallets that run alongside...

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