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The Politics of Gender Package

Peter Snarr

December 5, 2015

By Xpress Magazine Staff The Right To Privacy A new debate is occurring which revolves around privacy and self-expression. What is Gender Fluid? A profile on what it means to be gender non-binary Androgyny Is In The growing trend of androgynous clothing within the fashion industry ...

The Right to Privacy

Jordan Lalata

October 10, 2015

By Jordan Lalata On a brisk morning in November, children wearing backpacks almost equal in size to their small bodies clutched their parents hands as they entered Mount Davidson’s Miraloma Elementary School to attend morning circle before school began. En route to the playground, the families walked d...

Pink or Blue, Who the Hell Cares?

Jenna Van De Ryt

October 10, 2015

By Jenna Van De Ryt Have you ever heard the saying, “a child’s brain is like a sponge?” The saying goes, when children are young they are equivalent to a sponge constantly soaking up the world around them and learning a multitude of new information all for the very first time. For the sake of e...

What is Gender Fluid?

Oscar Gutierrez

October 10, 2015

By Oscar Gutierrez A mirror shows the reflection of Jay Garcia as they get ready for another day of work. Amongst a closet of dresses, suits and ties, Garcia decides on a bright red collared silk shirt and denim pants. To complete the look, they wear a binder to press their breasts down to make the...

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