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Raiju Takes the Stage


June 4, 2013

By Jessica Mendoza The lights dim down in the Depot. The current band, which just performed, left the stage and the workers are setting up the equipment on the stage as they prepare for the next band to take the stage. While the stage is being set, Vinnie Hecht, drummer and bartender at the SF State ...



May 13, 2013

  By Jessica Mendoza Photos by Gabriella Gamboa It’s a beautiful Wednesday morning. The skies are crystal clear. The sun rays shine over the empty Oakland Coliseum. There are still a few hours until the first pitch and only a few cars in the parking lot. A large group of people dressed in green and yellow shirts with “Galleo” writ...

BALLS, BEERS, AND BOYS: San Francisco’s First Gay Sports Bar


March 12, 2013

By Jessica Mendoza Photos by Erica Marquez A group of men sit at a bar. All of them are laughing with their half-empty beer glasses in their hands. The music blasts at maximum volume. It’s so loud; you have to shout when ordering drinks at the bar. A few of them look up and watch a game ...

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