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Straight Outta’ Kuwait

Straight Outta' Kuwait

Jasmine Williams

November 2, 2015

Haidar Abu al Hasan (left) and Ahmad al Sumait (right) co-founders of Above All Elements studios pose for a portrait outside of the Honey Hive storefront in the Sunset. Photo by Imani Miller By Jasmine Williams [dropcap size="50px"]S[/dropcap]eated in front of a mixer to check the levels in preparation for his next...

The Beginning and End as Far as Rap Goes*

Xpress Mag Staff

April 7, 2014

Written by Katie Mullen Photos by Lorisa Salvatin To define hip-hop as a musical genre and culture is to make sense of an oxymoron. The true essence of hip-hop resides on the continuum between intention and interpretation. Hip-hop reflects, and always will reflect, the people that surround it. Drastic differ...

Rapper goes AWOL

Rapper goes AWOL

Xpress Mag Staff

September 16, 2013

By Ivane Lund SoyomboPhotography by Ryan Leibrich  As soon as AWOL steps on stage he commands the attention of the crowd in the semi-packed strip mall bar, Park 77. It’s his first solo show, and the crowd watching him is an odd mix of his peers and sports enthusiasts still trying to figure out why th...

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