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Ruff and Rescue: The Value of a Secondhand Pup

Ruff and Rescue: The Value of a Secondhand Pup

Ingrid Mera

May 7, 2019

A man's best friend, a phrase created to embody the bond between an individual and a dog. “I chose to adopt because most shelter dogs come from a bad past and I wanted to give one a better life,” says Leslie Flores, a twenty-year-old accompanied by her 5-year-old pitbull. The SPCA is one of...

“Paw-sing” to de-stress

Lissette Vargas

December 22, 2014

The sidewalks surrounding the corner of 29th and Broadway in Oakland are packed with curious passersby peeping in through large floor-length windows. They peek into a cat’s paradise: scratch pads, various cat trees, teaser cat toys, and shiny frill ball toys are laid out around the room. Nine fri...

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