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Dating Digitally: Date Smarter in the Age of Technology

Jason Emerson and Alex Dusay get distracted by their phones while on a date in Golden Gate Park.

Written by Sage Kemmerly
Photos by Henry Nguyen

“Where’s your head at?” asks Bay Area advice columnist Deborrah Cooper. There are some people who text their friends while on a first date, or are painstakingly perfect on online dating profiles to get more hits. Where is the authenticity? Just because the Internet makes connections easier does not mean it is an easier dating game. It is silly seeing a couple on a date, both bent over their smartphones like there is a pane of glass between them. If the date is going nowhere, they might as well stay home and Skype.

Profiles can be polished within an inch of perfection. A computer screen highlights only positive personality traits, while at the same time hides undesirable attributes. It just goes to show people are not as perfect as they make their profiles out to be, so there is no use in faking it.

“Hiding parts of who you are and emphasizing things that aren’t quite true, embellishing; those kinds of things show total lack of authenticity,” says Cooper. “Just be who you are! Let somebody like you or not like you for who you really are and that way you know the relationship is real.”
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Mad Brewing Scientists Push the Flavor Meter: A Story in Three Parts

Written by Erin Browner
Photos by Henry Nguyen

“We’ve been brewing seriously together for about a year now,” explains Ryan Dalton, a seasoned home beer brewer. He chuckles and looks over at his brewing partner, Kenton Hokanson. The two do more than brew beer at home; they make homebrewing a scientific experiment. Their risky recipes and daring flavors raise the do-it-yourself brewing bar.

The dedicated duo pour their love into beer brewing even on weekends. The guys recall their first brewmantic adventure together. It was a basic recipe— “an easy red ale,” says Hokanson. After perfecting basics such as pale ales, stouts, saisons, and IPAs, the guys have excelled to tougher recipes that cater to their demanding palates. The two now add whole jalapeños for a richer flavor. The idea is to brew beers with gulpable flavors, qualities that cheap and mass-produced products like Coors lack.

Dalton and Hokanson are neuroscience graduate students at University of California, San Francisco. On weekends, they brew ten-gallon beer batches in the kitchen and basement of their NOPA home. Once a beer is up to par, the guys find a chemical or scientist to name the beer after, which make their brewmantic adventures too cute to overlook. These brilliant, mad beer scientists walk the line between experimenting and brewing. Since their day jobs include experimenting with mice, the duo decided to name their budding brewery, I Kill Mice.