Letter From the Editor


Photo by William Wendelman

By Amy Bigelow

When I first set foot on this campus in the fall of 2018, I didn’t quite realize how much of a personal impact I would make as a journalist in San Francisco. Having some small significance not only from the stories I wrote in my reporting classes, but also from the many connections I have cultivated both in and outside the third floor of our Humanities Building.

Granted, I practically live in the newsroom. 

But now, as Xpress Magazine editor-in-chief, I have come to value those connections and my contributions as a journalist even more so. I am thrilled to be working alongside a staff of reporters who are just as driven and devoted to writing stories and taking photos for this long-form publication. Your eyes now bear witness to our efforts which made this first issue possible. 

Within these pages you’ll stumble upon stories that address a wide range of topics, including: fertility, homeless street art, the SF housing crisis and questioning your sense of style. Above all else, each page contains a bit of character and personality reflective of the spring 2020 Xpress staff.  

After all, this is how we Xpress ourselves.