IRL Island-dwellers of Animal Crossing: New Horizons


Courtesy of Sam Joson

Man, times are weird right now. Luckily, owners of a Nintendo Switch now have a way to pass the time and vicariously live the island life through a cute, virtual version of themselves in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Below you’ll find a handful of Animal Crossing island dwellers alongside their real-life counterparts. Check it out! 


Courtesy of Breanna Buenafe


Name: Breanna

Age: 25

Passport Title: Easy-breezy Pupa 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “All the furniture, decorating the home, and DIY features.”


Courtesy of Kathya Lopez


Name: Kathya

Age: 24 

Passport Title: Rascally Lass

Favorite thing about ACNH: “Love being able to play with friends and visit each other’s islands!”


Courtesy of Gino Abrajano


Name: Gino

Age: 21 

Passport Title: Photogenic clown 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “My favorite part of Animal Crossing Is the customization and infinite possibility of building your world! There’s actually a strong design aspect that comes through each person’s world.”


Courtesy of Tanner Wyatt


Name: Tanner

Age: 25 

Passport Title: Pocket Egg

Favorite thing about ACNH: “I like the game to slowly unlock things over a long period of time, giving me something to play every day. Also, completing my museum calls to me.”


Courtesy of Janet Vargas


Name: Janet

Age: 27

Passport Title: Tropically-grown Mama 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “You can play for hours and have endless things to do. You can invite friends over to your island and play together. There are special events that go on throughout the year, like holidays and competitions. You can buy your own home and furnish it with furniture you either find, buy, or make! And you have the chance to plot where all buildings and homes are going to be built – That’s a new feature. I can go on and on, it’s better for one to try it out themselves. It’s a great game that anyone can enjoy!”


Courtesy of Sam Joson


Name: Sam

Age: 22

Passport Title: Full-fledged Mermaid 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “This game is a dream come true for completionists like me. I have a complete obsession with collecting every single fish and bug in the game. My least favorite thing is probably all the sea bass.”


Courtesy of Nick Nish


Name: Nick 

Age: 25

Passport Title: Animal Crossing 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “I get to live among the animals.”


Courtesy of Terry Frazee


Name: Terry 

Age: 30

Passport Title: Weekend Enthusiast 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “FISHING!!!!”



Name: Malakai 

Age: 22

Passport Title: Horizon-bound Wallflower 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “It’s a little harder to make large achievements so it’s both challenging and fun and it’s balanced well.”


Courtesy of Paige Acosta


Name: Paige

Age: 22

Passport Title: Interior Influencer

Favorite thing about ACNH: “My favorite thing about ACNH is the ability to connect with others from a distance in a virtual setting, while keeping a sense of real life contact. The humor and wit of different characters is a plus. And it’s super relaxing to set up my island the way I want it!”


Courtesy of Saskia Wade


Name: Saskia 

Age: 18 

Passport Title: Deserted-island Relocator 

Favorite thing about ACNH: “I like animal crossing mostly cause it’s beautiful, and I enjoy running around collecting things to make as much money as possible.”