Protesters march down Wilshire Blvd. during an immigration demonstration on Monday, May 1, 2006. (Photo courtesy of Los Angeles Times)

Perception: How Social Media Is Changing What It Means To Be An Immigrant

Leslie Rivera May 14, 2017

As I walked through Marco Forster Middle School’s courtyard, the murmurs between classmates began: “Are you cutting class or are you walking out?” Prior to the rise of social media, events spread...

Kelly Weber skates at SoMa Skate Park. Weber has a vegan skate blog, and he writes articles related to his skating interests and his findings of vegan clothings. 
Perng-chih Huang // Xpress Magazine

Pushing Vegan — The Vegan And Skateboarding Communities Intersect

Leslie Rivera November 15, 2016

Thirty-five-year-old Kerry Weber wakes up at six in the morning to commute to work at a tech campus in the South Bay. Weber is a lab engineer who skateboards any chance he can get, whether that be at his...

Photo by Ryan McGilchrist

Breaking Points — Act I: Relationships

Leslie Rivera October 24, 2016

During a dimly lit dinner 800 ft above ground on the Las Vegas Stratosphere Tower Restaurant, my partner and I discussed our future as we enjoyed the 360 degree view of the city. Some nights we preferred...

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