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Hunger in the Horn

xpressmagazine December 21, 2011

By Tamerra Griffin A brief scroll down any notable news outlet’s web page will yield the latest from the turbulent political arena, which seems incomplete without an alleged sex scandal or controversial...

The Mission’s Day of the Dead tradition reminds the crowd to cherish the best of times.

December 19, 2011

By Victor Rodriguez Photos by Cindy Waters Amid the penetrating smells of the burning incense, the parade is underway with dancers in their positions, percussionists at the ready, and participants each...

San Francisco’s Central Subway

December 19, 2011

By Chris Torres Photos by Hang Chen It’s twenty after eleven on Tuesday morning in Chinatown.  People browse storefronts, trudge up the hill, hang laundry out to dry from lines strung from a neighbor’s...

Helping Youth Reach Their Full Potential

xpressmagazine December 19, 2011

By Victor Rodreguez Photos by Eric Verduzco She sits cross-legged, runs her hands through her black hair and smiles between each sentence, describing a scene into a life that is now just a memory. Her...

The Dangers of Smart Pills

November 7, 2011

By Ivanna Quiroz Cartoon by Gregory Moreno Twenty one year old Suzanne* is your average SF State student. She goes to class, goes to work, studies, and finds time to go out with her friends on the weekends....

California’s Green Medicine

November 7, 2011

  By Ashley Aires Photographs by Gil Riego (Special to Xpress) With the return of the school year at SF State, students are trying to find ways to cope with the endless homework that they’re now...

Making the cover of Xpress

November 2, 2011

Xpress has often taken a single photo approach to create the cover for the magazine. This semester, Julio Cortez helped design a cover that was a little more daring. Here is a behind-the-scenes video on...

A car free Market Street?

xpressmagazine November 2, 2011

By Ivanna Quiroz Photos by Nick Moone It is where the Giants celebrated their World Series win. It spreads from Twin Peaks to the Embarcadero. Trolleys, streetcars, and Muni buses journey above it while...

The gaming life

xpressmagazine November 2, 2011

By Erin Bates While Facebook continues to be the most popular Internet pastime among college students—newsfeeds aren’t always compelling for everyone. San Francisco State University student Jeremy...

A Vegan Thanksgiving

xpressmagazine November 2, 2011

  By Jessica Belluomini [youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rLeVOgkxFe0[/youtube]   Another Thanksgiving with the family and the house is filled with grumbling bellies and the overwhelming...

Getting sported at booze events

xpressmagazine November 2, 2011

[flickrgallery setid="72157628037218498" limit="10"] By Martin Telleria Photos by Andrew Lopez The sun shining brightly is the only thing keeping you from staring at the beautiful blue sky. Children...

Organizing a Social front

xpressmagazine November 2, 2011

By Victor Rodriguez Photos by Nelson Estrada Walking on broken asphalt and descending pathways, the voices seem to get a lot louder. The people passing by at first just read their books in the sun and...

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