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WonderCon 2011 marks its 25th anniversary

xpressmagazine May 24, 2011

“In case you were wondering, Ryan Reynolds is in the next room over,” jokes Robert Kirkman, referring to the Green Lantern star and promotional panel somewhere else in San Francisco’s Moscone Center....

Film Society supports media education and aspiring young filmmakers

xpressmagazine May 18, 2011

Mid-afternoon on April 30, a small group of children with their parents and a few volunteers gather in the lounge area of the Press Office for the San Francisco International Film Festival. Two tables...

A Love Supreme

xpressmagazine May 18, 2011

Like a quiet storm, she enters the café silently wearing a shy smile. The sun is peaking through the heavy windows on one of the warmest days of spring in Oakland, illuminating her freckled cheeks, each...

Reality Itself is Too Twisted

xpressmagazine May 18, 2011

By the end of 1971, the Democratic presidential primaries were well underway. Governor George Wallace, and Senators Edmund Muskie, Hubert Humphrey, and George McGovern were the front-runners by 1972,...

San Francisco Treats

xpressmagazine May 8, 2011

photos by Gregory Moreno | staff photographer | set on Flickr “In San Francisco we are surrounded by dense concrete and raging traffic. The park allows me to escape the city and rekindle with nature.” A...

Jodie Foster presents The Beaver

xpressmagazine May 5, 2011

photos | staff photographer | set on Flickr authored by Grace Dulce & Meghan Dubitsky On A drizzly Wednesday afternoon inside the swanky Ritz Carlton in downtown San Franciso, two-time Academy Award...

The Brazilian Wax- A Painful and Popular Trend

xpressmagazine May 2, 2011

Andrea Low, 22, a student at SF State, walks up the stairs of an old Victorian building to a small room offering $25 Brazilian waxes. Below the room is an old and dingy tattoo parlor. The first thing she...

Exploring the Science of Skateboarding

xpressmagazine May 2, 2011

Through the entrance, past a myriad of experiments and underneath a skylight appearing to be a hole in the ceiling sits, a crowd of children and their parents packed together on small bleachers. They are...

Life on Octavia Boulevard

xpressmagazine May 2, 2011

It is the spring semester of 2010 at SF State. As the clock ticks ten minutes past 2 p.m. all the journalism students that are on time grab a seat in the computer lab room on the third floor of the Humanities...

Can’t Miss Film Festival Comes To Town

xpressmagazine April 30, 2011

Around one hundred journalists gather at the prestigious Alexandra room on the 32nd floor of the Westin Hotel. Men and women dressed in business attire talk excitedly as they pour coffee before settling...

Dealing With Distracting Classmates

xpressmagazine April 30, 2011

Sarah Abott sprints up the stairs, coffee in hand, rushing to make class on time. The tall brunette slithers into her desk with minutes to spare. “Ahh,” she lets out a deep sigh of relief. She takes...

Giant Increases In Revenue

xpressmagazine April 30, 2011

Mayhem, traffic jams, shoving crowds, stinking sweaty pits, and overdoses of adrenaline mixed with alcohol polluted the air on November 1, 2010. Floods of men, women, and children decked out in orange...

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