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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

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The student-run magazine of San Francisco State University

Xpress Magazine

Pictured from left to right are Virginia Pearson (Mt Edgecumbe High School), Anne Simonis (NOAA/SFSU), Jackson Vanfleet-Brown (SFSU), Lucy Nobisch (Cal Poly SLO), Kourtney Burger (NOAA), Kait Palmer (NOAA), Isaiah Orlando (Cal Poly SLO), on the last day of the Morro Bay survey after they’ve successfully recovered all eight buoys that had been deployed into the ocean several weeks ago. (Photo Courtesy by Anne Simonis)

The development of wind farms within Morro Bay

Isabella Minnis, Staff Reporter
December 15, 2023

Researchers, students, artists, politicians and tribal communities gathered together on boats to conduct scientific research involving the development of wind farms offshore Morro Bay.  As they approached...

Houses stand behind the Corte Madera Creek in Greenbrae, Calif. on Monday, May 22, 2023. (Gina Castro / Xpress Magazine)

Seawater, Minus the Salt Please

Kamal Taj, Senior Reporter
May 27, 2023

From agriculture to personal use, water is a precious resource that is often taken for granted. Showers that could be 10 minutes become 30, and cars are washed on hot summer days with hoses left on. Sink...

A Cruise vehicle driving through Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. The company is the only one that has approved by the CPUC for rides carrying passengers without a test driver . (Oliver Michelsen / Xpress Magazine)

Self-Driving City

Oliver Michelsen, Multimedia Editor
May 15, 2023

A Cruise vehicle with its hazards flashing slows and then comes to a stop, blocking the right lane as cars head east down Fulton. It’s dark, about 10 p.m. It’s hard to see too far ahead, but there...

The top of the Cesar Chavez Student Center on campus under the light of the full moon in San Francisco, Calif., on Dec. 7, 2022. (Tatyana Ekmekjian / Xpress Magazine)

S.E.T.I. Phone Home

Kamal Taj, Senior Reporter
December 9, 2022

Looking up at the night sky, it’s easy to get lost in the vastness of space — a nebulous murk speckled with points of brilliance. Mysterious planets orbit massive burning fusion reactions, smoldering...

(Nicole Gonzales / Xpress Magazine)

Algorithmic Bias – Racist Tech?

Nicole Gonzales, Online Editor
April 22, 2022

  In the twenty-first century, virtually everything is processed or created through code and algorithms. From social media platforms and college applications to GPS routes, the ever-increasing...

Bud Snow, an artist based in West Oakland, holds her iPad while surrounded by her art pieces in her studio on March 10, 2022. (Abraham Fuentes / Xpress Magazine)

Bay Area Artists and the Great NFT Debate

Anne Kristoff, Staff Writer
March 17, 2022

  For 20 years, Bud Snow has wanted to do only one thing: create art. In the last few years, she decided she wanted to pursue public murals, but she had one issue: funding. Then, in March of last...

Double exposure portrait of Gabe Salazar in San Francisco. (Garrett Isley / Xpress Magazine)

Simulation Theory: How Real is the World Around Us?

Nicole Gonzales, Online Editor
November 12, 2021

A collection of text algorithms and a series of binary codes run on a quantum computer making calculations and storing data, powerful enough to create entire civilizations. Together, it’s all programmed...

Decoding Blockchain

Decoding Blockchain

Carolina Diaz
December 15, 2018

In the market for drugs? You might want to think outside the box for this one. Or maybe you want to know whether that tomato you’re eating is really organic. Wondering if that news story someone shared...

Gaming in Color

Gaming in Color

Jeremy Julian
December 5, 2018

Video games as forms of entertainment are believed to be tailored more toward white males. “There are too many games studios with reputations for being for white men, by white men,” said Nicole...

Margaret Karleskind tries Virtual reality for the first time. September 27th, 2018. (Francisca Velasco/Xpress)

Ready or Not, Virtual Reality is Here

Antonio Dos Santos Lau
November 5, 2018

Imagine having the ability to visit any place in the world that you wanted. Not only that, but imagine being able to get there in a matter of seconds. No hassle of having to book a flight and then sitting...

The Rise of Competitive Gaming

The Rise of Competitive Gaming

Jeremy Julian
October 3, 2018

On August 5, twenty-year-old Dominique McLean, also known as SonicFox, won the first ever Dragon Ball FighterZ championship at the Evolution Championship Series 2018. The long-running fighting video game...

Downloading the Future

Downloading the Future

Boone Ashworth
July 24, 2018

Glimpses of the Future Last March, inside a warehouse on Pier 28 in San Francisco, a rift in space-time shattered the very fabric of reality, challenged every law of modern science, and catapulted the...

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