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Ten Things Not to Do on Halloween

Alec Fernandes

October 31, 2014

San Francisco has lots of frightful fun happening all over the city this Halloween. But even though there are many events to choose from, here is a list of ten things to avoid doing tonight: 1. Do not dress up as an Ebola patient. Not cool. Same goes for a sexy Ebola nurse. 2. Do not dress up a...

Talking Dead with the Walking Dead

Michael Leri

October 30, 2014

It had been years since the outbreak. I had not seen an episode of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia since the start of the apocalypse. Mac had just lost his "mass" and Frank did not want to do the dishes. I wish my problems were as petty in these times of suffering. My short, dry sentences (that you ...

Fur and Loving: Unzipping the SF Furry Culture

Chantel Genest

April 3, 2014

Written by Chantel Genest A purple fox is spotted walking upright on Harrison Street in the Mission District. It halts at the corner, greeted with hugs from a brown teddy bear, a silver wolf, and a neon bunny just outside a dark and narrow cavern blaring electronic dance music. Passersby scoff at ...

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