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Healthy food for the broke college student

Calla Camero

December 3, 2014

Now that Thanksgiving is over, the leftovers are running out, and we are returning to our normal routines of school, work, and (if you are like me) a very small budget for food, it is time for the college student’s guide to eating healthy. This guide will be giving cheap and easy recipes for breakfast, ...

Food for thought: Thanksgiving by the numbers

Catherine Uy

November 27, 2014

Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks for all our blessings and spend time with loved ones.  About 46 million people have traveled to celebrate this holiday with their family and friends. And right now, Instagram is already filled with #thanksgiving and #thanksgivingdinner photos. Aside from the grati...

The Good, the bad, and the ugly: Thanksgiving Edition

Tami Benedict

November 25, 2014

Thanksgiving is approaching us in the next few days, which means everyone is pinning their favorite foods on Pinterest and looking up old family recipes. But the question is, what should you spend your time making yourself and what should you just buy from the store? Have no fear, I am here to d...

Thanksgiving: a time to spend with family or shopping?

Tami Benedict

November 24, 2014

That time a year is just around the corner. The time of year where school comes to a halt and you are able to pack up and go home for the Holidays, spending countless hours with your family, stuffing your face with delicious family recipes. That is, if you are not the typical college student who w...

Little effort, big flavor: Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner in your microwave

Little effort, big flavor: Cooking a Thanksgiving dinner in your microwave

Lissette Vargas

November 17, 2014

Most college students lack the culinary skills and proper equipment to make a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. By following this simple guide you can wow your dorm room friends by cooking an entire Thanksgiving feast in your microwave. For those of you who shrieked at the word microwave, fear not, because...

The Best of November

Janelle Moncada

October 28, 2014

It is almost that time of year - the leaves have fallen, San Francisco’s Indian summer is coming to an end and people are starting to wear winter appropriate outfits. As the ghosts and ghouls go back into the dark, turkeys and busy shoppers begin to appear. Even though school is still in sessi...

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