Proposition H

By Naomi Outlaw 

Proposition H will define that the city can call clean energy, green energy and renewable greenhouse gas-free energy by state standards. State standards, under Senate bill 2, require that all entities that provide power to end-use consumers must have at least 33 percent of the electricity they provide from eligible renewable resources by 2020.

In 2016 San Francisco will be rolling CleanPowerSF to directly provide its citizens more renewable energy than PG&E currently offers. If this bill is passed then CleanPowerSF will be allowed the same renewable energy resources and guidelines as large conglomerates such as PG&E.

This measure is supported by Supervisors London Breed, John Avalos, Scott Wiener, and Julie Christensen, The Sierra Club Bay Area Chapter, IBEW 1245, The San Francisco Labor Council, The League of Women Voters, and the San Francisco Young Democrats.

There has not been an officially campaign filed to oppose this measure, but The Libertarian Party of San Francisco supports this measures counterpart, Prop G.