Graphic by Ryce Stoughtenborough. Photo by Nico Marks on unsplash.

Exploring the relationship between people of color and the Democratic party

Nia Coats November 24, 2020

Winning takes strategy. In the 2020 presidential election, some politicians are open with the way they feel about people they are serving, Trump calling Black people “Blacks” or talking about “shithole...

Media Literacy for Revolution

Media Literacy for Revolution

Remember, if you will. September of 2019. A viral Facebook joke urged thousands to “Storm Area 51, They can’t stop all of us.” 30,000 people RSVP-ed online, and around 6,000 people traveled to...



It is election season — again. Back to the constant chatter of campaigns, candidates and fundraising. Back to exciting campaign rallies and hope for the future. But also back to being force-fed political...

An RV is parked on Lake Merced Boulevard in San Francisco, California.

Freedom, Politics, and RVs on Lake Merced

By David Sjostedt and Photos by Harrison Rich February 18, 2020

“They’re just going to try and kill freedom,” says Michael Stoddard as he stared at the dirt beneath his fingers. His hands are clasped in the air, as if holding a powerful orb he can’t take his...

Should we put Woke to sleep?

Should we put Woke to sleep?

Kaila Taylor May 6, 2018

The past tense of awake is woke, obviously. “I woke up,” is what someone could utter any given morning. The word has also been adopted as a slang word with a meaning that is ever expanding, but generally...

The Politics of Gender Package

Peter Snarr December 5, 2015

By Xpress Magazine Staff The Right To Privacy A new debate is occurring which revolves around privacy and self-expression. What is Gender Fluid? A profile on what it means to be gender non-binary Androgyny...

Election 2015: Get Informed

Election 2015: Get Informed

Peter Snarr October 29, 2015

Photo provided by creative commons   By Xpress Magazine Staff 1-2-3 To Replace Ed Lee A unique coalition of candidates is attempting to take advantage of San Francisco's ranked-choice...

1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee

1-2-3 to Replace Ed Lee

Zak Cowan October 29, 2015

Amy Farah Weiss (left), Stuart Schuffman (middle), Francisco Herrera (right) take a moment out of their campaigning at SF State to pose for a portrait. Photos by Ryan McNulty/ Xpress   By Zak...

District 3

District 3

Sean McGrier October 29, 2015

Wilma Peng, candidate for District 3 Supervisor, encompassing San Francisco's Chinatown and North Beach neighborhoods, poses for a portrait in Chinatown. Photo by James Chan   By Sean McGrier   The...

Proposition A

Ashley Goldsmith October 29, 2015

  By Ashley Goldsmith Up first on the Nov. 3 ballot is a proposition aimed at addressing increasing rental prices caused by the ubiquitous gentrification in San Francisco. Proposition A, also...

Proposition E

Colin Blake October 29, 2015

By Colin Blake Come Nov. 3 San Francisco voters will have the option to approve Proposition E, which aims to bring more participation to the political process by live streaming all public government...

Proposition F

Jenna Van De Ryt October 29, 2015

By Jenna Van De Ryt  Pissing off the public could in fact be one form of campaigning that is strategically working for Airbnb. If it was not for the $8 million imbursement to defeat the ballot measure,...

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